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"Look at the natural light, when it's right and when it's beautiful. Don't muck with it, just use it as it is. If you must make any change, make it deliberately, make it delicately." -Douglas Kirkland

WORD ECONOMY! Say more with Less 101

Word economy is the practice of using fewer words to say more. It means revising your work to eliminate redundant, unnecessary, or weak words and phrases. To make your writing and speaking stronger, clearer.


Once you practice word economy enough, you will teach yourself how to be more clear. So ...

Creative problem statements for effective systems

A snippet from other great blog articles!

Einstein quoted, that if he had one hour to save the world he would spend ''fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.''

This quote illustrates an important point, before ...

OOP! Python 'classes' & 'objects' -- it's finally making sense.

PretextI am a Python beginner. Since I have no previous learning experience in programming languages, when I learned Python classes and objects, I struggled understanding it. The main idea seemed to make sense but I was lost in it all the same. 

While in china visiting my wifes family, ...

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