I decided is 2014 to take a part my BMCC 2.5k! It was a crazy idea that was inspired by the huge wave of filmmakers who loved the look of the BMCC 2.5k but hated the form factor. After building up the courage I took it all apart and there was no turning back.

Here are the steps that outline what I did along with some helpful links to get you started.

3D design made from tradework by this awesome guy, Waylan @ 4DRDD.

Open it up!

Make sure you're in a clean environment and on a wood table or some area with little to no static electricity. Basically, don't do this on your home carpet!

I know this isn't the cleanest table. I'll clean it later, promise.

Here is also a great videos showing how to open the camera.
BlackMagic Camera - Creative Corner
BlackMagic Cinema 4K camera - George G.

Flex Cables & Bridges & Wires

Here are the flex cables you'll need to get:
I recommend getting it from Adafruit, but any of the top picks should do.

  • 1 x 40 Pin flex cable.

  • 2 x 8 Pin flex cable.

  • 2 x 40-Pin FPC Extender Board.
    This one comes with a flex cable already so, bonus! The reason you need two is because the second 40-pin board you can use for the two 8 pin "menu" & "touch"

  • If you wanted to do things better than I did, looking back I should have gotten the
    1 x 40-pin FPC extender board along witht the flex cable and then gotten
    2 x 8-pin FPC extender boards. This would of kept things nice and neat inside.

High Speed Communication Cable

I'll let you fingure out how to get this cable.
Here is the part number:

Design it up!

The design is up to you, I have a few basic measurements but you'll need to make more for sure.

Unfortunetly at the moment I only have the Design files saved in a program called Spaceclaim.

That makes it hard for anyone to use them so I'll do my best to get these converted to a better file format soon.

As promised here is my design.

The design is broken up into 4 parts:

  • The SSD mount
    -The design that mounts the main PCB to the main body.

  • The LCD mount
    -The design that mounts the LCD/Menu to the main body.

  • The Len Mount
    -The design that mounts the Len front part to the main body.

  • The Main Body
    -The design that all other parts mount on to.

  • The V-ursa Mini 3D design